Fetal Ultrasound

screen shot of Fetal Ultrasound
Project Type:
Exhibit Interactive Exhibit
Date & Client:
1996, UNICEF Japan
design, development, graphics, production, script, user interface

This interactive kiosk was created for The Rights of the Child, a 1996 exhibit celebrating UNICEF Japan’s 40th anniversary. The housing for the kiosk was an actual, Japanese-manufactured ultrasound device.

Users viewed digitized video clips of fetal ultrasounds and were provided with strategies for interpreting them. They were then given the task of identifying what's within the white rectangle; the three choices offered in the example shown here are: (1) head, (2) spine, and (3) leg.

For the final clip, visitors were asked to identify whether the fetus was a boy or girl. This was followed with a note on how this knowledge is being used to perform gender-selective abortions in certain countries.